ManagemenD – Executive Summary

ManagemenD, is a business transformation hack that has helped several SMEs transform into ‘disruptive’ or at the very least, ‘disruption-proof’ versions of themselves. Using simple learning-based methods, ManagemenD helps any business management team take a snapshot of where their business is at any given point in time. With a clear understanding of their status quo, ManagemenD then provides business leaders a set of tried and tested tools that help ascertain and eventually achieve the market positioning, knowledge leadership & innovation they seek to be ahead of their competition.

Through a paper-backed version of ManagemenD, that is delivered face-to-face, we have served several customers who have happily referred us to newer accounts. This model has earned us critical acclaim and recognition after ManagemenD was crowned ‘the most innovative start-up idea’ in the UAE with Dubai Eye 103.8’s radio show “Start-up in 30 seconds”.

Through this medium, we are now bringing the ManagemenD model to you for you to explore its potential and to help you disrupt the consultancy industry in Egypt. Especially in catering to the growth needs of SMEs, who form a large part of the Egyptian and North African economy. With most family run businesses sitting at the Medium-to-Large part of the SME spectrum, we see infinite scope and value for the Egyptian market.

ManagemenD author and founder, Altaf Jasnaik, has been working with 100s of SMEs, helping their CEO’s achieve the team-alignment, future-readiness and innovation-mindset they lacked. Through a version of ManagemenD that would be taught to potential advisers/consultant, we are looking at amplifying our regional outreach across the MENA region, whilst also giving us the opportunity to approach Startups and the Small-to-Medium portion of the SME market we don’t serve yet.

Engaging with the top 4 global consultancies and their local/regional operations can be very cost-prohibitive. Whilst Multi-National-Companies (MNCs) can afford to consume such services, owner-run businesses often tend to shy away. With various industries either having gone through severe disruption or with imminent disruption heading towards them, CEOs are constantly looking for a cost-effective alternative. This is where ManagemenD primarily originated as a change-management system and currently flourishes as a business-transformation hack.

In addition to being an affordable alternative, ManagemenD has also been successful because we have discovered a solution to the biggest stumbling block to effective change management. The people that are supposed to orchestrate any change in any organization are typically the ones who resist it the most. Instead of burdening them with an external infliction of changes, ManagemenD puts them at the center of the transformation process. Making them the author to their renewed vision and the orchestrator of their shared strategic objectives.

With the government and federal authorities across the UAE (our home market) & Egypt having an Innovation and Incubation mandate in place, we believe that Dubai & Cairo lend themselves as the perfect launch pad for ManagemenD in the region. As a unique proposition that has had a 100 percent conversion ratio, ManagemenD can grow exponentially. We believe we have a few years before replicas of the ManagemenD model emerge and going regional early will help us expand our user base and services whilst also strengthening barriers that will further delay copy-cats.

ManagemenD has been hiding in the shadows, however with the backing of Virtuzone and Evolution CBS, and the free exposure Dubai Eye 103.8 is promising us, we believe we should be able to establish ourselves as a true disruptor of the consulting-world. Currently a 2-man-team, we aim to make this a change management and innovation boutique that will operate with the lean mindset we promote through a network of specialist in Egypt as well.


Altaf Jasnaik

Growth-Hacker & founder of ManagemenD, helping businesses grow through Innovation, Marketing, Strategy, & Org. Learning
United Arab Emirate

I’m a passionate marketer, an engineer by education and a creative growth-hacker by choice. Here are few of the disciplines I can help deliver for you:


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