“Stay Home Egypt” initiative launched to mitigate the effects of the Corona economic crisis

In conjunction with the Egyptian government’s announcement of a partial curfew to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus, several effective youth initiatives have been launched to mitigate the effects of the crisis, among which was the initiative of a group of e-commerce pioneers, including Manal NegmEldin, Amr Dawoud and Mohamed Hossam Khadr, who created A website called “Stay Home Egypt, to help business owners continue to provide their services through online sales.

The Website is a guide that brings together the largest number of companies that provide their services and products electronically and deliver them to the home. The site was designed in a way that enables the consumer to view its contents easily and buy online easily. The founders of the initiative announced that the website aims to help business owners in facing the difficult conditions and challenges at the present time, as well as gathering the largest number of services and products in one platform that can be easily purchased by consumers while they are in their homes.

Manal NegmEldin, founder and CEO of “E-Business School” and director of the direct sales sector at “Elaraby Group”, “We started publishing about the owners of different companies and the services they provide to encourage people to buy with the usual purchasing power so that the national economy is not affected by the stagnation of movement buying and selling”.

Amr Dawood, a pioneer and business developer, also confirmed that the website is currently available to the public to enter it and make purchases, and also invited all business owners who can provide their services electronically and deliver them to customers to subscribe to the website and add their services and offer them for free.

Mohamed Hossam Khader, business and investment consultant, and author of the “Entrepreneur Inside Out” book added that work is underway to develop their project by designing an application for stay home Egypt and chatbot to facilitate the search process inside it.

Team ” Stay Home Egypt”

Manal NegmEldin

CEO of “E-Business School


Mohamed Hossam

business consultant

Amr Dawood

business developer


Stay Home Egypt Website Overview


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