What is PR?

PR is all that related by the image of the company, reputation management and managing the relations with all stakeholders.

online pr

What is online PR?

In e-business you just manage the offline processes online same function of PR but on the online media . you find the digital solutions for the offline processes.

To do effective online PR you should have good social media listening tools.

The digital media give you the opportunities to understand your customers better understand his need and also what is he interested in. listening to the last trends understand their problems and their concerns let you participate with them and post with them not to them. Online PR is about understanding your customers’ pain and share with them their happiness moments transfer their negative experiences to positive and be part of that change.

Online PR Case Study in Egypt

How El-araby group Appling the online PR?

 One of our popular cases in summer 2015. Egypt suffer from unexpected high temperature that never happen on that time in Egypt. There request for sharp A/C (one of the top A/C in the market) was very high and exceeded the sales expectations for this year.   El-Araby Group started our social media listening we found out that our customers angry because of the delay in installment and frequent maintenance. We start thinking how to change the –ve comments to +ve by the usage of online PR.  We come out with an idea to build a community where our old customers that have a very good experience with El-Araby along with our new customers whom are angry because of the delay according to the unexpected weather.  We started sharp A/C community on Facebook. We start communicating our new customers that we gathered their information from social media listening. We asked our CRM and Market research department to provide us with loyal customers over 10 years fully satisfied by the products and our services.  We started sending all the data base we collect to newsletters, SMS and target them with Facebook ads.  We put a posting planning to the page to engage all our customers to start telling us their experiences with sharp and

El-Araby.  Along with the posting plan we organized with the after sales to solve all the problems and complains came from social media also we prepared a free mobile maintenance and target some areas related to the angry customers in Cairo.  After we solved our angry customers complains we took the high ranked customers with big problems and we started shooting videos with them in one of our stores and we reported how their –ve experiences fully transformed to a +ve ones. After the end of this online PR campaign we measured again the feedbacks and comments through social media and we successes to transfer the –ve feedback to positive and neutrals one.

Another case, during the mothers ‘day campaign. We also do a social media listening. We found a case of a father

‘d friend saying his friend always feel pain when he see our ads because he recently lost his child and the child in the ad look like his small one he lost last year. Immediately we contact him we took all his information we send a high level team to apologize and present them a gift from El-Araby. Declaring that this campaign was about to impeded in the children the thankful habits to their parents. Again while social media listening we measured the impact of this visit again they wrote about the visit and how happy they are for feeling and hearing their pain.

In Egypt the time of internet spending according to our researches are average 7 hours. You have your customers to build with them a good relation with listing and knowing what they are talking about what are their interests share with them their feelings their happiness and sadness moments let them see you are the first to stand by them. You will be the first in their top mind when they think about your products. Online PR build a strong relation with your customers online they are spending a lot of time there you must be there too.


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